Arrivals day, preparing to start

As we prepare for the course beginning tomorrow I was pleased to see a post from Prince Sebe Maloba who was a graduate of the #PDCUG17 course held in Kamuli last year. Permaculture is a set of strategies that really work, to restore land, build soil and fertilitity where previously it has been depleted.  If we are to successfully fight the on set of climate change and build food security then I know no better way. Permaculture is the most powerful tool we have to secure a sustainable future. Follow this blog over the coming fortnight to see the progress of the course.


This land was barren due to over use of chemical fertilizer and nothing could grow beyond two feet,we decided to use permaculture techniques of fixing nitrogen in the soil using velvet beans and calindra trees as green manure and organic fertilizer after one year now the soil fertility increased, own my among my best farmer now harvest 25 bags of maize on half an acre of land.

Green manure is effective in soil restoration there is big change as crop cover control weeds, temperature, hold more water,control soil erosion, provide soil fertility ,this is one the best farmer have, maize plantation is purely organic, its the way to go.   Prince Sebe Maloba

Volunteers have been on site for weeks prior to the event here at Sabina. Grace and Nina from Wales and Luigi from Uganda. Beds have been planted, compost toilets made, and enournous amounts of preparation has been underway that i cant do justice to here. I have seen all three volunteers blossom and benefit form the hard work as the benefits begin to show. The school is already transformed before the course has even begun.

nina moon

Preparing food in the staff area. Nina Moon has been a star volunteer, here for 6 weeks before the event helping prepare the site and set things in motion for the event as well as helping feed the teaching team when they arrived.


Mandala garden at Sabina, one of the many projects taken on by the volunteer team in preparation for the PDC



Volunteer Grace has also been on site now for 6 weeks, here she is with Sabina member Tom making plans for the day’s work

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